Somewhere in the Southern Ocean

Tacit Art October 2022

Somewhere in the Souther Ocean, 2022
Mixed media on canvas
112cm x 224cm

About the paintings

Somewhere in the Southern Ocean emerged from a group of paintings and drawings focused on fictional travel, developing on another theme of childhood fantasy adventures; adventures which exist on the edge of logical explanation now transformed by deeper more symbolic representation. 

These works, made in a challenging and unpredictable period in history when travelling anywhere was prohibited, are about the ultimate childhood dream of travelling into and beyond the unknown. As with any innocent caprice, the works are partly informed by imagery found on electronic media but more greatly by my own imagination and experience; this is how I believe The Southern Ocean to be.

The titles of the paintings are edited sentences taken directly from a diary written on the SY Aurora as it sailed to Antarctica and back to relieve Douglas Mawson’s expedition in 1913. The author, Bert Lincoln, was a young Australian sailor who appears to be relishing adventure by being part of what was not only an historic expedition but also a tragic one. Reading his unpretentious but poignant record of everyday life at sea, unwittingly interspersed by his own opinion and first-hand observation about Mawson’s expedition, moved me tremendously and I saw his words appear in my paintings.

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